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About Us

Transportation is a growing source of pollution in our communities and across the planet. It's the biggest contributor to global warming, and it's responsible for nearly 1,000 deaths annually in the Twin Cities alone. Minnesota has worked hard to combat pollution, but we haven't been on track to reach our greenhouse gas reduction goals. To get there, Minnesota has to tackle pollution in all sectors and on all levels.


Fortunately, we already have the technology that can get us to a clean energy economy. Zero-emission options are already available to fill almost all of our needs for cars, buses, and trucks. We can invest in these technologies and save money on gasoline by relying on efficient clean energy. The potential health and climate benefits are enormous.

The members of the Coalition for Clean Transportation, launched in 2018, are committed to the belief that climate action requires advancing proactive solutions and industry-wide shifts towards cleaner, healthier alternatives. We're organizing ordinary folks and communities for clean air, a stable climate, and a just economic transition from our dirty fuel economy.


Since the Coalition’s formation, we have recognized the vital role of local governments and utilities in spurring progress, as well as the central opportunity of Volkswagen (VW) Settlement Funds as a way to increase public charging infrastructure and other equitable electrification programs such as electric school buses. To date, the Coalition's work falls into four advocacy categories: public fleet commitments, transit electrification, regulatory filings at the Public Utilities Commission, and VW Settlement funding. Our work has served to build out infrastructure, awareness, and demand by local governments, and diverse swaths of the public, for electrification of transportation in the state.

Our Organizations

Fresh Energy works to shape and drive realistic, visionary energy policies that benefit all. Their team develops and researches pro-clean energy policies, and advocates for good policies with legislative and executive officials. Fresh Energy’s accomplishments span several efficiency, renewable energy, and technological advancements across the state.

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MN350's mission is “to inspire Minnesotans to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis: to create a new sense of urgency and possibility for our planet.” Volunteers and staff work together on fighting fossil fuel projects, advancing clean solutions, and educating communities through collective action.

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The Sierra Club North Star Chapter is the Minnesota chapter of the nation's oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization. The chapter's 80,000 members and supporters are empowered to protect our communities’ well-being through environmental protection. Sierra Club works on clean energy and transportation, and is a leading voice for conservation of Minnesota's land, water, air, and forests. 

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We are Minnesota physicians, nurses and allied health care providers committed to bringing the voice of health care to the public debate on clean energy, fossil fuel related pollution and our changing climate. We believe that Climate Change will be one of the greatest public health challenges in human history. Further, it is our conviction that those of us entrusted with the health of our patients, their families and communities have a responsibility to speak out on this most complex of issues.

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ISAIAH is a vehicle for congregations, clergy, and people of faith to act collectively and powerfully towards racial and economic equity in Minnesota. ISAIAH organizes in communities of faith around the state to advance justice for working families, immigrants, renters, the sick, and many more.

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Clean Up the River Environment (CURE) is a rural, nonprofit organization made up of people who care about the well-being of their neighbors, the health of the land and water, and the legacy we leave for future generations. CURE works in the areas of climate, energy, rural democracy, water, and connecting people with nature with a focus on civic engagement flowing through all projects.

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The Climate Justice Collective

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Move Minnesota leads the movement for an equitable transportation system that puts people first. We recognize that the most effective solutions are developed by those closest to, and most impacted by, the decisions that are made. We meet people where they’re at to listen, collaborate, and build platforms that elevate the diverse perspectives of our community. We go beyond just one mode, one agenda, one neighborhood, and one perspective, to ensure true progress is possible from a big picture point of view.

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The Union of Concerned Scientists is a national nonprofit organization founded more than 50 years ago by scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our mission: to use rigorous, independent science to solve our planet's most pressing problems. Joining with people across the country, we combine technical analysis and effective advocacy to create innovative, practical solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.

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The Minnesota Environmental Partnership (MEP) is a statewide coalition of environmental and conservation nonprofits. Together, our coalition members and supporters work for clean energyclean water, and clean transportation through policy initiatives, public education, and community events.

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